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  121st Annual Old Settlers - August 8-10, 2008


For more information about Halstead's Old Settlers Celebration, or to offer your help or suggestions, contact:

Old Settlers Committee
P.O. Box 99
Halstead, KS 67056

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Attention Sponsors:

If you're interested in sponsorships for Halstead Old Settlers, complete and return our Sponsorship Form (Acrobat PDF 8.5x11)

Attention Arts & Crafts Vendors, Concessions, Entertainers & Other Vendors:

If you're interested in vending at Halstead Old Settlers, complete and return our Vendor Registration Form (Acrobat PDF 8.5x11)

Annual Halstead Old Settlers Printer Friendly Schedule - 8.5x14 - PDF
Download the Latest Printer-Friendly Schedule of Events (Acrobat PDF 8.5x14) >

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121st Annual Old Settlers Celebration...Dragon Daze – A Renaissance Festival!

Old Settlers 2008 Medallion Hunt Clues

Clues are published weekly here on this web site and in the Halstead weekly newspaper. A winner with an Old Settlers Button will receive $100. A winner without Old Settlers Button will receive $20. Contact Old Settlers for information about Medallion Hunt rules/guidelines.

STOP LOOKING! The Medallion has been found

The 2008 Old Settlers Medallion was found at 8:30 p.m. on July 30th by Drew Benton and Dorinda Albrecht. The medallion was hidden in the Welcome To Halstead planter at North Street and Main.

  • Clue #3 (July 30, 2008):
    If you search the right way you will rock and find a banner prize. Seek the medallion with vigor and don't be concerned with wearing out your welcome.
  • Clue #2 (July 23, 2008):
    The way to the Dragon is not south,
    west or east but north is the way.
    If your journey takes you past the running water,
    your search will not pay.
  • Clue #1 (July 16, 2008):
    The Medallion rests in Halstead. On private property it is not. The big jackpot could be yours. But the button you must have bought.

Old Settlers Buttons On Sale July 21st

2008 Halstead Old Settlers Button artworkOLD SETTLERS COMMITTEE – The Old Settlers celebration is near and buttons will go on sale July 21. The Old Settlers Schedule will also be released then.

The button is a bargain that allows those wearing it to enjoy many events and lots of entertainment.

Cost for a button is only $5 and buttons are available at Central National Bank, Conoco, D’Angelos, Halstead Bank, City Hall, Halstead Market, The Harvey County Independent, Sunset Video, and LouLu’s.

Be sure to purchase your button for just $5 and register for the Old Settlers Grand Prize Button Drawing!

Old Settlers Mud Volleyball Tournament

  • August 8-9th
  • Cash Price & T-Shirts for 1st & 2nd Place
  • Mud Volleyball Shirts for Sale
  • Registrations forms available on-line or at the Harvey County Independent or the Conoco station downtown Halstead

Aerial Photo Map of Old Settlers Events (Click to Enlarge & Print)