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Juggling at Old Settlers

The Flying Debris Show at Old Settlers

Richard Holmgren will bring a some new entertainment to Halstead this year at Old Settlers. He will perform from 7-8 p.m.

For The Harvey County Independent
Richard Holmgren of The Flying Debris Show is not just anotherJuggler OldSettlers
pretty face! He's a comedy superstar!
Richard was born a jokester and learned to juggle in fourth grade
gym class. It's true, anyone can learn to juggle however Richard
never stopped challenging himself to be the best. Inventing new
techniques to every trick he learned. Later Richard learned that
using his comedy wit in conjunction with his arsenal of creative
human skills would make for a great living!
By 1994 Richard began performing The Flying Debris Show
professionally. It's an hour packed with comedy, zany stunts, and
lots of audience participation. A show that is appreciated by literally
all ages! Whether it be performing in an ice house at the Winter City
Festival in Toronto, Canada or taking the show to remote villages in
Mexico audiences love The Flying Debris Show.
Richard continues to enhance his skills along with his show. It's a
project that never ends and never should. Always thinking of the next
great joke to go along with the next great stunt The Flying Debris
Show is Richard's life long passion!
Richard is a family man. His wife Lisa, along with his two sons
Tanner and Gunnar, support him in all that he does. Tanner is already
following in Richard's footsteps and Gunnar is not far behind.
When not performing, Richard enjoys playing basketball, golfing, and
perfecting his juggling skills.


Voices From Somewhere?

Voices From Somewhere? Old Settlers FUN

By Karen Jacobs

Kevin Horner is bringing his case full of friends and returning to Halstead Old Settlers for the third year. Horner has been a crowd favorite at Old Settlers performing both as a ventriloquist and illusionist.

Horner's show is very interactive with the crowd keeping kids and adults drawn into his performance.

Horner will take the stage on Saturday at 6 p.m. until 7 p.m. in Riverside Park.


All School Reunion 2012 Update

Eric SextonThe Halstead All-School Reunion- a go for Old Settlers!
by Craig Sooter,
Reservations for the All School Reunion is topping 500, says Deanna Talbott All School Reunion Secretary. For those who have not made plans you can still register by July 29th. It's shaping up to be a great always!
Having a "Good Time" is what this reunion is all about!, with that said, the request for alumni to bring something "memorable" from their high school days for display at the reunion. Now just think could be a picture, a band uniform, how about your cheer uniform? Let's get creative....I know you can! Please bring your items to the school in the afternoon prior to the start of the reunion.
Now lets talk about entertainment....because of the Olympics, Mick Jager & the boys ended up canceling, ouch! However, some special backup has been contracted....TBA.
Then we have a very special speaker that has been secured to motivate us! This individual has climbed the corporate ladder after graduating from Halstead High. He has been successful at providing some very important missions: fundraising, construction and scholarships are some of the hats he has worn. In 2002, President George W. Bush appointed our speaker to the Presidential Commission for the National Museum of African American History and Culture. He currently serves on the boards of the Kansas Golf Foundation and Goodwill Industries of Kansas. But most important of all....he was on the Dragon State Golf Team in 1981!
I am pleased to announce our special speaker: Mr. Eric Sexton, Director of Athletics at Wichita State University.  

Click Here for a Banquet Form

Coments or questions can be email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it                                                                


Dancing with the Steers

old settlers logo 2012Welcome To Halstead's Old Settlers! 125 Years of Family Fun!  August  10, 11 ,12th 2012

On behalf of the City of Halstead, I welcome you to the 125th Annual Old Settlers’ celebration. Our traditional link with Halstead’s past is waiting for you, your family and your friends to enjoy each others’ company just as many of Halstead’s forbearers have done for generations.  I especially would like to welcome home those of you returning to Halstead especially for the All School Reunion.

As usual, you will find some changes in this year’s schedule. Please consult your schedule so you know exactly when and where to find all your favorite activities.  From a safety perspective, you should notice less vehicular traffic than in recent years.

Halstead childhood memories recall the anticipation and excitement of having fun during the Old Settlers’ Celebration and in turn, this fuels our Old Settlers’ tradition dating to 1888. This is who we are as a community. So, get out there and build some lifetime memories!

Enjoy our tradition.


Kevin Pyle


History has recorded many great events since 1887 – the first automobile, air travel, space exploration.  Yet one thing has remained the same. For the past 125 years, an annual event has been held in Halstead celebrating the spirit and the people of our community.

The tradition continues in August with the 125th Old Settlers festival featuring activities, games and fun. Entertainment will be provided with several bands taking the stage in Riverside Park. A Rod Run, Car Show featuring classic cars and legendary motorcycles will be held in Scout Park. Mud volleyball, golf and horse shoe tournament along with a Fun Run 5K walk/run, pie eating contest and much more will be part of the three day celebration. The event will be highlighted by a spectacular Fireworks Show display and the traditional Kiddie Parade and Grand Parade bringing many visitors to our community.

To maintain a reasonable charge for visitors and families, the cost of an Old Settlers Button (see image above) will again be $5.00 this year.

Wear your Old Settlers Button with pride: It's your Dedication, your Heritage, your Family Fun that you wear on your shirt! Your Old Settlers!

"We all feel the pinch of the economy"  Says  Fire Chief  Jim, Old Settlers Organizer . The support we get from the many individuals, the City of Halstead, and business community, shows just how special small town life is to everyone. No other community has such history and passion for celebrating their friendship with the many patrons of Halstead Kansas. Exclaimed the Fire Chief. We thank everyone involved and we invite everyone to come experience our community celebration, Halstead's Old Settlers.

Halstead's Old Settlers is the longest continuous celebration in Harvey County and is one of the longest celebrations in Kansas

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