Monday, June 17, 2019
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Mud Volleyball Team Entry

Old Settlers Mud Volleyball Registration

Team Name ____________________________ Catchphrase ______________________

Team Captain ____________________________________________________________

Phone Numbers

Home _____________________________   Mobile ____________________________  

Do you text?      Yes        No

Address ________________________ City ______________ State _____ Zip_________

eMail _________________________________@_________________

Pre-registration. We would like commitments made by the Monday before Old Settlers. We have been able to accommodate teams that were last minute, however, if brackets are full there is no guarantee of entering. Those paid teams by the end of Monday are guarantee a bracket place.

We will consider a youth bracket if enough youth teams enter. Please check with us early and have your youth teams register early. We encourage everyone to invite people from other communities to enter. (Alumni - ambulance server is provided) Please bring your sunscreen, shade and drink and be ready to "Get Dirty with US!"

Non-refundable $60 fee per team.

T-Shirts will be provided to the winning team along with a meal at local resturant.

Games may be ahead of schedule. All team members need to stay near the Mud Courts. (volleyball) Once the team is verbally called, a 5 minute show is required. The master referee has ALL rights to call a default.

Team Members                                                Team Members

__________________________________     ___________________________________    

__________________________________     ___________________________________      

__________________________________     ___________________________________      

__________________________________     ___________________________________      

__________________________________     ___________________________________        

All team must check in at the registration table prior to play. Play is planed to begin at 1.00 PM (13:00) Fees must be have been paid to play.  Play may be  postponed or canceled in case of servere weather, rain is good, it will not stop play.

Offical use: Payment type  Check #____________________  Cash __________________ Release Form ____________ Court Assigned _________

Make payment and checks to: Old Settlers Mud Volleyball  PO Box 99 Halstead Kansas 67056 Questions?        Ed Kingsley 316-284-7063  316-830-2515   Feedback Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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