Monday, June 17, 2019
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2011 Good Neighbor

Like a Good Neighbor….Jim Hefling Is There!

For many of us Jim Hefling is an icon of Halstead. Many of us associate Jim with Halstead High School. His parents, Roger and Edith, raised their family on a farm northwest of Halstead before tractors were common and horses were used to cultivate the ground and sickle hay. That was work, farming was tough, exclaimed Jim. Jim attended the local Prairie Flower Grade School and then graduated from Halstead High School.

"I started to work for Halstead Schools in 1960 and retired in 1995, 34 years. I got to see a lot of change, from the old school to the new school. I saw a lot of improvements. I was able to meet a lot of staff and students over the years," Jim said.

Those of us that know Jim can tell you he stays busy. After three months of retirement from Halstead Schools, Jim was working for a contractor installing furniture in schools across the state. "I spent 10 years and retired again," Jim added. He also spent many years at one home base or another as umpire for Halstead Recreation ball games.

Now you can see Jim out and about Halstead in a reduced post retirement pace. He starts work at 7am and is usually finished by 7pm. It is very common to see him mowing around town, going from job to job, pulling his trailer with his mower on it.

"We have been so fortunate to have Jim taking care of our campus here at The Kansas Learning Center for Health," exclaimed Director Brenda Sooter. Jim puts his heart into our full square block, just as if it was the high school football field or a groomed golf course. He has our campus reflecting the pride of Halstead, she added.

Jim is a sneaky guy, explains Main Street business owner Mary Lee McDonald. He will shovel the snow from our sidewalk here at Tortoise Gallery so early in the morning that we come to work seeing a clean path in front of our store. When I confront him, he denies any knowledge of the event. When I do my investigating, I am told Jim did it. He is alway willing to be involved, many times behind the scenes. I know of many others he does the same for.

Jim is also involved in the local Masons and is a real artist having done fine wood carvings for many years. You can see his work at The Fine Arts and Crafts Festival in October in Halstead each year and other craft festivals in the area

Thank you Jim Hefling for being a Good Neighbor in Halstead for so many years!


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