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Old Settlers Softball Tournament 2012

Welcome Old Settlers Softball Players!

This is the entry form for the 2012 Co-Ed and Men's Softball Tournament. Our tournament will be held August 8-12, 2012 in Halstead. This year, in order to better account for our entry levels, each team is required to submit this form with payment before your entry id official. We do have limited space available. Entry fee is $150 per team, and due at the time of entry. Our tournament will follow the same double elimination format as last year.

Your team will be assigned an opening round game by draw. If you or any of your teammates are playing in both the men's and co-ed tournament, we can not control nor will we adjust any game time due to conflicts. Also, game start times will be honored, as we will not delay the start to wait for players on the other diamond. Also, once a player has played in the tournament for a team, they may not play on any other team in the same tournament.
This for and the entry fee should be mailed to or dropped off at Halstead City Hall, 303 Main Street, Halstead Kansas 67056. The after hours drop box is located in the alley behind the library. Entries will be accepted until brackets are full and should be finalized by Monday, August 6th. Please direct questions to Grant Williams, Recreation Director at 316-835-2517. Thank you and we look forward to hosting your team.


WE ARE ENTERING THE         CO-ED                 MEN'S                BRACKET (Circle one)


TEAM NAME: ________________________________________


Person responsible for contact:____________________________________________

(This person will be used as the contact for all team items concerning the tournament and changes that are made due to weather and will be viewed as the one responsible for the team they are entering.)

Contact Phone: _____________________________________________

Contact Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________

Signature of Contact: ______________________________________________________ Date ____________________

Official use:  Date Received ____________________________________________ Time _________________________


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